Rejoicing Through The Tears
by Brenda George

Brenda George, author of Rejoicing through the Tears: Embracing God's Hand in Cancer
Brenda George was diagnosed with thyroid cancer several years ago. This is her personal story of the trials she has faced and her journey to being a cancer survivor. She wants to inspire people from all walks of life to never give up hope. They too can learn to rejoice through their tears and come out stronger than they were before. Brenda lives in Marysville, Ohio, with her husband, Mark. She is the mother of two grown daughters Sarah and Bethany, and a son Travis, and seven adorable grandchildren: Koty 14, Savannah 13, Allie 11, Landon 8, Jackson 6, Jossalyn 2 and Grayson 1 with another one on the way! Last but not least, she has a lovable Old English Sheepdog named Maggie.